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Article I



This organization shall be known as the Sayre Language Academy Family and Friends Organization (FFO).


Article II



The mission of the FFO shall be

  • To promote the welfare of children in the home, school and community.

  • To promote a closer relationship between home and school so the parents and teachers may cooperate meaningfully and intelligently for the welfare of the child.

  • To promote between education and the general public such united efforts as will obtain for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental and social education.


Article III



The membership of the organization shall consist of the teachers and staff of Sayre Language Academy, parents of children currently enrolled at Sayre Language Academy and interested community members.

Any attendees present at meetings of the FFO are eligible to vote.


Article IV



Dues shall not be collected, but donations are accepted.


Article V



There shall be a minimum of four (4) meetings of the organization throughout the school year.

A special meeting may be called by the President or at the request of ten (10) members. Parents shall be notified of the proposed meeting at least one week prior to the meeting by fliers or communication on the FFO webgroup.

The Executive Board (Board) shall meet prior to the start of the school year for budget planning.


Article VI



Officers of the organization shall be installed in May. The candidates for President shall have served upon the Board for at least one year or as a Standing Committee Chair for at least two years.

Written notice asking for nominations shall be published in early March and announced at the March general meeting. A list of candidates shall be published prior to the May meeting, with the approval of the candidates.

Additional nominations from the floor will be accepted, with the approval of the nominees.

At the meeting in May, the vote shall be taken in the following order: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. If more than one person is nominated for the same office, a secret vote shall be taken.

Installations of offices shall take place in May, with duties to begin with the Board meeting before the following school year.


Article VII



The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and a Treasurer.

The officers shall be elected by the organization, serving a term of one year, and shall be eligible for re-election to the same office. The officers may not serve the same office more than two consecutive terms, unless unopposed in annual elections. Vacancies in the offices shall be filled by temporary appointment by the President until a special election is held at a general meeting.

Any Officer may resign at any time by giving written notice of such resignation to the FFO Board.

Officers may be removed at any meeting of the FFO Board, with or without cause, by a vote of the majority of Officers other than the Officer with respect to whom such vote is taken.

At all Board meetings a majority of Officers may constitute a quorum to transact business.


Article VIII



The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and of the Board; have general supervision over the interests of the organization and be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President is authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer and can be a co-signer on checks.


The Vice-President shall assist the President in his duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to serve. The Vice-President shall be Community Liaison and handle special projects as needed throughout the year. The Vice-President is authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer and can be a co-signer on checks.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all organization and Board meetings and shall have custody of all documents belonging to the organization, except those currently necessary to the work of other officers and chairpersons. The Secretary keeps track of membership attendance for Election purposes. The Secretary shall also handle the organization’s correspondence that the Board deems necessary.


The Treasurer shall receive all money and deposit it in the bank or financial institution. The Treasurer shall pay bills as have been approved by the Board or membership. The Treasurer is primary signor on checks, but all checks must be signed by two officers. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures for the organization.


The FFO shall have agreed upon procedures performed against their financial records minimally once each year. The Treasurer sets up the annual FFO budget to be reviewed with the Board prior to the start of the school year. A budget committee may be formed by Board vote, if desired.


Article IX



The Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and committee chairs as needed.

The principal of Sayre Language Academy shall be an ex-officio member of the Board and shall not have voting privileges. Each member of the Board will have one vote.


Article X



The following are standing committees:

  • Arts and Enrichment Activities

  • Audit

  • Communications/Publicity

  • Family Events

  • Fundraising

  • Gymwear

  • Hospitality/Appreciation

All other committees will be chosen annually and subject to approval by the Board. As the need arises, the Board may create other committees during the year.


The Standing Committees’ respective duties are as follows:

  • Prepare brief project plan for activities to be presented to the Board and voted upon. A budget shall be included and voted upon.

  • Gather appropriate approvals from the Sayre Administration, Local School Council and Area 23 Board of Education Officials.

  • Determine the duties of committee members.

  • Remain within their budget.

  • Each outgoing Standing Committee Chair shall present a resume of their responsibilities to the newly appointed committee member, and assist them as needed. A copy of this resume shall be entered into the FFO records.


Article XI



The organization and the Board shall use Robert’s Rules of Order Revised and/or Primer in Parliamentary Procedures by Marie H. Suthers.


Article XII



All programs and activities involving the membership of the organization at large shall have the approval of the Board.

The Board may spend up to $500.00 without approval of the general membership.

Fundraising projects should be undertaken with a specific goal in mind.

A checkbook balance at the end of the school year shall be maintained and placed in a financial institution program (i.e., savings account, CD, etc.) as determined by the Board.

The Treasurer’s books should be audited by a committee of FFO members each June. The audit committee shall consist of at least 2 members without check-signing authority.

The FFO shall refrain from all partisan and factional political activities. The FFO may provide funds for the distribution of information regarding a non-partisan activity.

The FFO shall refuse consideration by an organization of personal grievances.

The FFO shall abstain from encroaching on administrative functions of the school.


Article XIII



The FFO may dissolve upon a vote of a two-thirds majority of members present at a special meeting called for dissolution purposes. Members must be notified of the dissolution meetings at least two weeks prior to the meeting and at least two (2) notices must be sent and placed upon the FFO webgroup.

Upon dissolution, all monies and property of the FFO shall be donated to Sayre Language Academy. If Sayre Language Academy is no longer in operation, the monies and property shall be divided equally and donated to existing Parent Volunteer Groups of Locke School and Lovett School.


Article XIV



This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a two-thirds vote of the membership present. Written notice of such amendments shall be given to the membership prior to the regular meeting or placed upon the FFO webgroup at least 10 days prior to the vote.

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